New Zealander in Estonia - High Praise

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New Zealander in Estonia - High Praise

Postitus Postitas ElCaminoKiwi » 27 Juul 2019, 13:12

Hello, I'm a New Zealander who loves long distance hikes and have found my way to Estonia through recommendations. Sorry for the English post, hope you dont mind.

This is a rather interesting post, and I hope its allowed. And that it's in the right place. I initially set out with the intention to walk the entire Oandu to Ikla RMK trail, and was enjoying it a lot.

The camp sites here are some of the most amazing, well equipped and comfortable ones I've stayed at. And in absolutely love the fact so many Estonians get out and set up camp for a little "get away", whether its couples or families. I've met some awesome, friendly people along the way.

A few days into my walk I did run into a bit of a hiccup though when I realized my passport had gone missing. I must've dropped it somewhere along the way. It took me another day to get to Aegviidu, where my intention was to charge my phone and try to figure out the best way to organize a new passport so I could leave the country at some point.

Now, this is where I highlight one of the other amazing experiences I've had in Estonia. Once I arrived into Aegviidu after a long walk in the sweltering sun, I stopped by Aegviidu Jaamahone, a little bar and restaurant next to the train tracks to refill my water and get my bearings. This is when the lovely landlady, Piret, upon hearing about my passport going missing did everything she could to help me out. She rang the police, visitors center in oandu, even a New Zealand friend in Estonia, to see if maybe my passport had been found and handed in or what I might do to organize a new one. She shouted me a beer on the house, and I'm almost certain she'd have fed me aswell if I hadn't said "no thank you". She let me charge my phone and make phone calls, and then, despite my attempts to persuade her otherwise, she took money from to tip jar for my train back to Tallinn as at this point I only had card (silly me).

I mean, I'd enjoyed my time in Estonia already, what with the beautiful forests, the bogs and beaches, but this level hospitality has astounded me me and made me love it so much more.

I cant figure out how to repay this lovely lady, so I thought I'd share my story. And if anyone is ever in Aegviidu, whether for a biking, a hike or enroute on the RMK trail, please stop by this establishment and grab a pint or a bite.

I'm glad to say, in another stroke of pure luck, some kind Estonian soul found my passport and messaged me via Facebook to organize returning it.

While it's silly for me to have lost it in the first place, I cant regret the experience that came of this. It's a real shame I left the trail, but all things happen for a reason, and i imagine I'll be back some day.

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Re: New Zealander in Estonia - High Praise

Postitus Postitas ullivilli » 03 Sept 2019, 20:18

Well that is just awesome :)

I wonder might it be this place?
I am sure they would love the story as their review :)
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